キース (Kīsu)

Alternate names: Lucia


Romaji: Ruchia


Biographical information

Home                   Unknown

Age                       18 (born August 24th)

Affiliation(s)      Unknown

Occupation(s)    Astral



Physical description

Race                    Human/Astral

Gender                Female

Height                 160 cm

Hair color           Black-platinum

Eye color             Crystal


Other details


Limit Break

Weapon               Unknown

Magic                   Ice/Snow


Behind the scenes information

Creator                Soyoung


Keith | Final Fantasy XV -Fanfic Story-

I created my own FFXV character. Her name is Keith. I created her after watching KINGSGLAIVE: FINAL FANTASY XV. I’m really inspired by the movie and the game that released on November 29 2016, that is FINAL FANTASY XV. 😊

Keith’s Profile

Years after Noctis’ death, the land of Lucis has vanished and disappeared into another realm. Only the memories remain. One day, a beautiful baby was born and being left alone in the middle of a strange forest as a young couple passed by and saw the little baby. They were pretty surprised, why would someone leave the poor baby alone. Right on that moment, the young married couple decided to take care and raise the baby. They named her Keith, because she’s pretty boyish. The young couple was a bit confused to choose a name for her so they gave her ‘Keith’ instead of other beautiful names. Keith grew up to be a friendly, loving, caring person. She always help her friends when they get trouble, and loves to have a little adventure outside near her place. Her home was called Crystalia. It was a very peaceful place in Eos. Pretty different than the land of Lucis, the people who lived in Crystalia are very kind and loving. They like to help eachother, even the neighborhood. Two years later, an unknown enemy destroyed the city. Everyone was killed, even Keith’s parents. Many people trying to find a safe place to avoid tge attack but no one survive there, except Keith. She was hiding inside a cupboard and saw her parents were killed, she was really scared. She cried silently and wait for the enemy passes. After the coast is clear, she quickly ran away and got escape. Everything was burning, everything was destroyed, there was nothinh left. Keith was the only one who survived. She found a little shelter while walking on the road alone and decided to sleep there for one night. Right on that moment, she told herself that she has to stop being afraid and become stronger. She decided to live on her own. Few years later, she became a traveller. She always travel around the world of Eos, fighting Daemons and Monsters on her wild adventures. She even met some friends along the way. Then, she just found out that she’s an Astral. She never know that since she was born, she couldn’t even tell what kind of Astral she is. So she decided to continue her adventure and find out about her true self

Powers & Abilities

Keith only has one power, that is Ice magic. She uses it to attack and protecting herself. She also could make some sharp weapons with her Ice magic. And since she’s an Astral, she could turn into Lucia and flies around in the sky. Her power becomes even stronger when she’s in Astral mode.