Bella’s Quote

We may not know what will the future be

We may not know what’s gonna come to us

But as long as you stand by me, it’ll be okay

Everything will be okay

Just as long..

As you stand..






Lavinia Lucia Nieves | FINAL FANTASY XV

​ラビニア・ルチア・ニーヴス (Rabinia ruchia nīvusu)

Alternate names: Keith

Biographical information

Home                   Crystalia

Age                       18 (born August 24th)

Affiliation(s)      Crystalia

Occupation(s)    Princess (lost princess)


Physical description

Race                    Human

Gender                Female

Height                 160 cm

Hair color           Black-platinum

Eye color             Gray

                              (blue/red/bright gray/

                              amber glow)

Other details


Limit Break

Weapon               Ice Swords (5), Crystal

                               Sword, Shurikens (2),


Magic                   Ice, Fire, Timebreak,

                               Death, Heal

Behind the scenes information

Creator                Bella Lantang (or as

                               known as: Heartless)

Keith | Final Fantasy XV -Fanfic Story-

I created my own FFXV character. Her name is Keith. I created her after watching KINGSGLAIVE: FINAL FANTASY XV. I’m really inspired by the movie and the game that released on November 29 2016, that is FINAL FANTASY XV. 😊

Keith’s Profile

Keith became closest friend with Noctis, Prompto, Ignis, and Gladio. She does have feelings with the Prince, but she knew that Noctis and Luna are meant for eachother, so she won’t get in Luna’s way. She’s very respectful to royal people, especially to Prince Noctis and Princess Lunafreya.

Powers & Abilities

Keith has 4 powers. She recieved the power from a strange Crystal that has been hidden in a strange cave for many years. She got the powers when she was 9 years old, the day she lost her home. She has Ice, Fire, Timebreak (it’s not actually a timebreak, I’ve been trying to find the name but I don’t know what’s it called), and the last one.. Is the Deathliest power. She never wanna use that one because she couldn’t control that power when she use it. She used it once but accidently killed a person. And the secret thing is.. She can copy moves/attacks/techniques/magics that she sees. Keith can use healing power that could heal people in one second, but she never wanna heal herself because she thinks it’s not fair for her to use it.